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Greenbay Trail SOSA (South of South Avenue) Restoration

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Greenbay Trail SOSA (South of South Avenue) Restoration

In partnership with the Village of Glencoe and the Glencoe Park District, the Friends of the Greenbay Trail are now embarking on the next phase of restoration on the Green Bay Trail.  “SOSA” is the area south of South Avenue to the Community Garden.  In January 2018, Park District crews will begin removing the invasive buckthorn to prepare the site for new native trees, shrubs, wildflower, and grasses.

Work will commence in early 2018 and the installation will be completed by early 2019:

  • Buckthorn and poison ivy removal – winter 
  • Site preparation – spring and summer
  • Trees and shrub planting – fall
  • Native Wildflower and grass installation –  early winter

J.D. Mathein of Green City Gardens drew up plans and created the elevation drawings.  The plants were chosen in consultation with the Chicago Botanic Garden for optimum success based on the soil and sun in each segment.  Each drawing offers multiple choices for the trees and shrubs pictured to avoid repetition. For more information, please visit the Friends of the Greenbay Trail's website and check the project FAQs