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Wednesday, March 27: Prescribed Burn at Robert Everly Wildflower Sanctuary

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Pizzo Group will be doing a Prescribed Burn at Robert Everly Wildflower Sanctuary on Wednesday, March 27.  Prescribed fire, also called ‘controlled burn’, is just one of the tools we use for natural area stewardship. Fire continues the necessary process that nature started thousands of years ago and it’s an ideal solution for:

  • Managing invasive species
  • Stimulating the growth of native plants
  • Increasing plant and animal diversity
  • Reducing woody growth

Prescribed fires must be performed by highly trained and experienced individuals who are familiar with existing site conditions. Without expertise, there is a risk of property damage as well as a risk to surrounding areas and people.

The Pizzo Group has secured the necessary permits from the Environmental Protection Agency. Public Safety will be contacted prior to, during, and after the fire to ensure coordination. 

The original plan was to have this completed last fall but the early snowfall made that impossible.