Woodlawn Park


Located on the southernmost side of the District, Woodlawn Park features a playground with spinners, spring rockers, and a sand play area developed in 2003. The engineered wood fiber is contained by a concrete curb and while there is no accessible route through the park to the playground area, a curb cut and ramp in the playground is present. The park has heavy tree cover, presumably offering good shade during the summer months. At 1.3 acres, there is enough room for additional amenities. Following the Park District's Master Plan, the Board of Commissioners approved replacing the playground in 2018. 

The public is invited to share input by attending the Board of Commissioner's Special Projects & Facilities meetings or sending feedback to specialprojects@glencoeparkdistrict.com

Recent Updates

Woodlawn Park Now Open

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Woodlawn Park Now Open
Woodlawn Park, located at the corner of Green Bay Road and Woodlawn Avenue, is now open after renovation. Plant restoration and a new fence will be added to the park in the spring (after the ground thaws). The new park features a walking path, a giant swing bank, two racing zip lines, a Topsy Turny spinner, as well as a soaring play structure that reaches 10' in height with slides, play panels, and ramps. The entire park wraps around protected 100-year-old oak trees.