Kids Art, Chess & Cooking Classes & Camps (In-Person)

Kids Art, Chess & Cooking Classes (In-Person)

We have all-new classes for August! These in-person classes will be held at Takiff. Click on the class titles to register.

Amazing Art with Sunshine Arts and Crafts

Grades K-5; Tuesdays; 8/4-8/25; 4-5 PM; $92/101

In Amazing Art, kids will make tie dye shirts, experience pottery painting, create a canvas acrylic painting, make recycled art, and more. All new projects are created at every session!


Chess Scholars Camp with Chess Scholars

Ages 5-10; Monday-Friday; 8/3-8/7; 9 AM-12 PM; $286/315

Develop your child’s intellect in this half-day camp perfect for beginners as well as experienced players. Each day of camp will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period, followed by guided practice time, allowing the students to play against one another while being coached by an experienced instructor. Children will have the opportunity to test for a chess belt using our Chess Scholars system, patterned after martial arts belts. The camp session will conclude with a non-elimination tournament with prizes awarded to every participant.


Basic Training Baking Boot Camp with Sticky Fingers Cooking

Ages 4-6, 8/17-8/2, Monday-Friday, 9-11 AM; $250/275

Ages 7-12; 8/17-8/21; Monday-Friday; 12:30-3:30 PM;          $250/275

Curious how to make your own and pastries from scratch? Aspiring bakers who like to get their hands sticky in the kitchen will love this tasty, engaging, and imaginative camp! Young chefs will learn the basics of scratch-baking and how to make bread, fresh pasta, muffins, cookies, and more. We use all portable baking equipment and tools and each recipe can be recreated at home.

Global Taste Buds with Sticky Fingers Cooking

Ages 4-6; 8/10-8/14; Monday-Friday; 9-11 AM; $250/275

Cook your way around the world in our globally-inspired cooking camp! In this delicious camp, young chefs will cook recipes from countries all around the world and explore customs, songs, geography, and languages associated with each recipe. Young chefs will cook and gobble up tasty, healthy cuisine from South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Kids Cooking Network with Sticky Fingers Cooking

Ages 7-12; 8/10-8/14; Monday-Friday; 12:30-3:30 PM;          $250/275

Does your young chef love watching cooking shows on TV? In this exciting camp, young chefs will work together in cooking challenges inspired by favorite cooking TV shows such as Master Chef Jr, Kids Baking Championship, Chopped Jr, and Cutthroat Kitchen. We will learn how to use different cooking equipment and techniques, explore flavor pairings, and create tasty mouthwatering recipes from scratch each day. Young chefs will get their creative juices flowing in this fun and delicious cooking adventure!