Watts Center FAQs

Watts Center FAQs

We’re pleased to open the Watts ice rinks on Friday, November 27, 2020.  Our goal is create a safe and fun environment that follows the Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our capacity at the rinks is limited. Therefore, access to the rinks will require the online purchase of a season pass. Season passes are currently sold out and the waitlist is full. There will be no daily passes sold this winter and the number of season passes sold will be limited. Guest passes will be available to season pass holders.

How do I purchase a season pass for Watts Ice Center? 

All patrons must purchase a Watts Season Pass to utilize the rinks this season for Public Skate or Open Hockey. Season passes are currently sold out. 

Buy a Season Pass

What if a patron does not have a Watts Pass? 

Season passes are currently sold out. Fees for skating passes are as follows (R/NR): 

  • Skating Pass: $50/75 (Includes access to all public skate and broomball)
  • Hockey Pass: $150/225 (Includes access to age-appropriate open hockey)
  • 5 Visit Guest Passes: $50/75*

*Pass Holder must have a hockey pass for guests to use for open hockey. 

What if I don’t skate, but I want to come with my child or family member? 

All visitors to the rink must have a valid Watts Center Pass or be the guest of a pass holder. You will not be able to access the rink without a pass due to capacity limits. All patrons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Do I need a season pass to take a skating or hockey class?

No, class participants do not need a season pass to participate in a skating or hockey class. Participants must register for classes in advance; the complete schedule of classes is available here. Class registration for residents opens at 9 AM on October 23. 

What is the capacity of the rink? 

There are restrictions on our capacity for the number of patrons we are allowed to have in the Watts Center at one time. Below are the current capacities for each rink: 

  • Main Rink: Public Skate/Rentals: 50 guests
  • Main Rink: Open Hockey: 25 guests
  • Studio Rink: Public Skate/Rentals: 25 guests
  • Studio Rink: Open Hockey: 12 guests

What are the facility hours? 

The general hours of operation are listed below. To see the rink's daily schedule, please click here

  • Monday-Thursday: 12 PM-9 PM 
  • Friday-Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM 

Do I need to wear a mask in the facility? 

Yes, all patrons must wear a mask at all times while in the facility and ice skating. 

Will there be access to the inside of the Watts Center? 

There will be no public access to the inside of the Watts Center due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are currently running the Kids Enrichment Camp for E-learning in the Watts Center that restricts access by outside patrons. We will have our external heated restrooms available for use by patrons. There will also be heat lamps located near the rinks to help keep guests warm.

Can I host a party or event at the Watts Center? 

Yes. We have limited availability of private ice rentals. All DCEO and State Guidelines for the rental must be strictly followed. Capacity limits for your party are based on the rink you are renting. 

  • Main Rink: 50 or fewer guests
  • Studio Rink: 25 or fewer guests

How much does it cost to rent the ice rink?
The hourly rate to rent one of the rinks is as follows:

  • Main Rink: $344/430
  • Studio Rink: $206/258

Why are you implementing a reservation system?
For your safety, we are managing rink access this season. To ensure physical distancing is possible, we are limiting the number of skaters on the ice and at the facility this season. For the vast majority of days, we expect that it will not be an issue – but for your safety, we are not planning for the majority of days, but for every day of the season. As such, reservations will be required every day of the season for all pass holders. 

Do I have to make a reservation to be able to use my pass?
Yes, this season we will be implementing a reservation system for every day of the season. It is possible that at some point in the season, we may decide that we no longer need the reservation system. However, with so many uncertainties, we believe it is prudent to have a reservation system in place now. The reservation system is designed to provide confidence to our pass holders to know when and where they will be able to use their pass. 

How do I make a reservation?
Reservations will open three (3) days in advance of the scheduled skate. Online reservations will close 2-hours prior to the start time. Within 2-hours of the time slot, availability can be checked by calling the Watts Center at (847) 835-4440. To make a reservation, visit https://glencoe-park-district.ticketleap.com/. You must make a reservation for all pass holders and guests to guarantee admittance into the Watts Center. 

How many days can I reserve at one time?
You can reserve one (1) time slot per day per pass holder/guest. You can reserve multiple days at a time as long as it is within the 3-day window. Reservations will open three (3) days in advance of the scheduled skate. Online reservations will close 2-hours prior to the start time.

Is there a fee to make a reservation?
There is no additional fee to make or cancel reservations.

How do I change my reservations?
If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact the Watts Center at (847) 835-4440 to speak with a Watts staff member. Once canceled, you can reserve a new time slot to visit the ice rink.
If you do not show up for a reserved ice slot, you will receive a warning. If you do not show up for multiple time slots, your pass may be revoked and no refund issued. Please call the Watts Center at (847) 835-4440 to cancel your time slot in advance. 

Will I be able to make reservations for my entire family?
Yes. You will be able to reserve up to 6 spots per public skate and 4 spots per open hockey time slot. The system will require you to specify which pass holders/guests will be attending the chosen time slot.
Will you be doing skate rentals?
Yes. Skate Rentals will be $6/use. The skates will be cleaned and disinfected before/after use.
Will there be skate aids available for use during public skate?
Yes. Skate aids will be $10/use. They will be cleaned and disinfected before/after each use.